I Help Businesses and Influencers Skyrocket Growth and Monetize Their Audiences 
I Help Businesses and Influencers Skyrocket Growth and Monetize Their Audiences 
With Hyper-Targeted Copywriting, Profit Punching Email Marketing, and ROI Activating Messenger Marketing
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My Story....
Long story short... I went from playing guitar in a rock band to working on Facebook's Marketing Experts Team to running Nimble Fox Marketing, a boutique copywriting and messenger marketing advertising agency. 
Who do I work with?
Entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners who have built up an audience that trusts them that they'd like to monetize and grow.

They know that they need a hyper-focused brand voice that isn't afraid to ask their audience to pull out their wallets, but also doesn't want to scare them away, but to build trust.

I also coach entrepreneurs on how to grow their own messenger marketing agencies and how to incorporate Facebook and Instagram Ads, Chatbots, and Copywriting to grow their business and drive more sales.
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Some of the Clients I've Worked With


Neely Quinn - TrainingBeta

With a couple of tweaks from John, we were able to slash the cost of messenger opt-ins for some campaigns we were running.

I can’t recommend John enough.

-Jan Roos

I was extremely lucky that I found John because he definitely knows his stuff. He blew all of the other people that I worked with before out of the water. 

I would recommend him to anyone that needs help.

-Jessica Olbin

John really helped me clarify everything. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in this.

So, if you need help with messenger marketing totally work with John.

-Kamil Kaminski

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